Friday, October 31, 2008

Two Evils - Ceteris Paribus

"Let there be a widespread conspiracy, let the walls of jericho fall from the sky"
"Let the two evils fight to the throne... one may win but the vengeful soul shall live in the heart of the second evil"
"Who the hell is the second evil"
"I am the second evil"
"Yes I am"

May you hear the sound,
A loudly knell below the ground.
May you hear the whisper,
From the abbyss here we are.
Mighty Brutus is your name,
Im Caesar, a traitor of fame.
Stab and cursed, death comes along.
Until folks becomes enemies, enemies to evil.
Written from false records,
For the benefit of evil.
False Gods may hear,
But not dare to question.
Supreme relation of two evil,
Ultimate ally of lies and generosity.
Until jealousy enters the scene.
All have lost, balance turn to chaos.
Two evils sharing the throne,
Now owns by the supreme demon.
Sharing his victory to other.
Laughing to those who lost.
The second evil vanish from abbyss.
Rejuvenates all his strenght for revenge.
Indeed silence remain in vast medium,
But the dawn are only hours away.
The vengeful soul unleashed his enmity.
Hatred, sorrow, betrayal are his ammunition,
Darkness seize his immortal soul,
Dominated by greed and obnoxious behavior.


Anonymous said...

--haha..buena mano..unang comment pra s post n 2...haha

--well...ikaw b tlga gmwa nun? ang ganda kc e, prang my pinapatamaan, haha

--eniweiz, ang ganda nia tlga...natu2wa aq s poem and as olweiz, ung lagi qng cnsbi..."kip up d gud work"

--pde b qng mag request...gwa k nman ng horror, pls!

--> dana

piggywiggy-toinks said...

mnsan tlAaga khet anng pgiging totoo mo sa tao hnd pa dn sapat pra twagin cLang TUNAY NA KAIBIGAN..wLAng TOTOONG KAIBIGAN..nattunan ko yn sa isa sa tnuturing kong 22ong kaibgan.. =D

Inflagrante de licto